Hotels in Guantánamo

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Hotels: Islazul Marti
Guantánamo, main city of the province with the same name, is located in the south-western part of the province, in Guantánamo Valley, near the bank of Guaso river. The layout of the city is reticular, with wide blocks and streets, a detail very unusual. The city...

Hotels in Isla de la Juventud

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Isla de la Juventud
Isla de la Juventud, an special municipality located in the Gulf of Batabanó and in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea, in the western region of the island of Cuba. It is also the largest municipality of the archipelago and its capital is Nueva...

Hotels in Santa Cruz del Norte

 (2 Hotels) Santa Cruz del Norte
Santa Cruz del Norte, main town of the municipality of the same name, occupying the northeastern corner of the territory.The city lies on the north coast of the province of Mayabeque, at the mouth of the Santa Cruz River, 44 km from the capital of the Republic. It is linked...

Hotels in Cerro

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Hotels: Bruzon
El Cerro is one of the municipalities of Havana City. In the past, El Cerro was on the outskirts of the city. The municipality was founded in 1803 and in the beginning it was farm, then a sugar refinery and later the neighborhood as we know today. Geographically, it is located...

Hotels in Marianao

 (1 Hotel) Marianao
Marianao is one of the 15 municipalities or districts of the Havana City, Cuba. It is 6 miles southwest of downtown Havana, a municipality connected by train and by bus with the downtown of the city. In 1989 , the town had a population of 133,016, and up to date the...

Hotels in Corralillo

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Hotels: Elguea
Corralillo is located in the north coast of Cuba, in the north-western part of Villa Clara province, in the border with Matanzas province to the west and with “Cádiz Bay“ to the north. Falcones, Blanquizal and Verde Keys from...

Hotels in Moa

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Moa occupies a place in national history not only for its rich soil, flora and fauna, the beauty of its rivers or the impetuous industrial development, but also its history and by the effort of those who built it. The word Moa has many meanings:...

Hotels in Niquero

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The coastal town of Niquero, bathed by the waters of the Gulf of Guacanayabo and the Caribbean Sea, is one of the largest sugar producers in the province of Granma. Similarly it occupies an important place on the fishing sector. It is located in the...

Hotels in Las Tunas

 (2 Hotels) Las Tunas
Las Tunas is a Cuban city located in the center of the most western part of the eastern region of Cuba. It is the capital of the province of the same name. The city is also known as "Capital of Cuban sculpture" or "Balcony of Eastern Cuba"....

Hotels in Manzanillo

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Manzanillo, Cuban city known as the Pearl of Guacanayabo belongs to the Cuban province of Granma. It has a surface of 498.4 km ². It is located on the banks of the Gulf of Guacanayabo, which has facilitated the economic, social and cultural development.
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