Terms and conditions

When you book with CubaHotelTravels.com you accept the terms and conditions that appear in this page. You should read and then accept before reserving your vacations. Once you have your reservation confirmed, the next terms and conditions will come into effect.

Booking Confirmation
When you choose the hotel, a member of our team will check immediately availability of rooms in the hotel. When the hotel accepts your booking request for certain date, we will send you an e-mail with the confirmation. You must answer that e-mail confirming your request in no more than 3 days.

Final Payment
The payment of your reservation must be made before the indicated date in the confirmation e-mail sent by CubaHotelTravels.com. If we don´t receive the payment before the indicated date, we are within our rights to cancel your reservation.

In case of cancellation, please, contact us immediately. We will return your money if you ask for your money one day before your arrival date to the hotel at least.

We don´t indemnify for wars or war threat, mutinies, rebellions, civil disturbances, terrorism, industrial quarrels, nuclear and natural disaster, fires, biohazard, epidemics, technical problems with the transportation including mechanic reasons or of time, acts from the government, congested or closed airports or similar cases out of our control.

In case of change of the original reservation
Some arrangements can be made regarding your original reservation. If you decide to change the original hotel, we recalculate the total amount due. If the new amount is less than before, we will refund the difference. Changes are subjet to the rates of the new booked services on the basis of the original reservation date.

Indicated rates
All rates are in American Dollars (USD), unless there is someting different indicated. In case of CubaHotelTravels.com brings prices down, the new prices only will be valid for new reservations. In case of CubaHotelTravels.com raises prices and you have already paid, you don´t have to pay any difference

You are responsible for getting all the documentation required by the competent authority. The customs authorities, airlines and the immigration offices reserve the rights to refuse admission to the country, or even if you are trying to leave te country, depending on the circumstances of the case. CubaHotelTravels.com will not be responsible of any refund regarding documentation. You are also responsible for getting the necessary information to travel, including schedules, airlines and hotels.

Travel Insurance
We recommend to all our customers to contract a travel insurance when you book a hotel in Cuba. CubaHotelTravels.com is not responsible for health problems, damages, loss of your baggage or other unexpected circumstances that can affect the travelers.

Hotel facilities and services
The quality and category of the hotels in Cuba has been established in accordance with the Cuban norm for hotels and it could be different to others from other countries.

CubaHotelTravels.com is just an intermediary and it will not be responsible for the quality or interruptions of the services in the hotel.

Hotel informations
All the informations and photos included in this web page have been verified to the letter. However, those photos are only descriptive, that´s why CubaHotelTravels.com is not responsible for any unexpected change. All the images of the hotels are published as illustrations of own property. Most of the hotels offer a variety of rooms in accordance with their dimensions, facilities and location.

Circumstances beyond our control

CubaHotelTravels.com will not be responsible for the complaints, loss, damages, costs, expenses, delay or loss of enjoyment, of any nature or type, for the main traveler and/or traveling companions or members of the group, as a result of events out of reach of CubaHotelTravels.com or the suppliers. The mentioned events can include strikes, interruptions of services, wars, blockings, insurrections, mutinies, earthquakes, adverse climatic changes or conditions, flooding, or acts or restrictions imposed by the government.

Non-utilized services
CubaHotelTravels.com will not be responsible for any non-utilized or non-enjoyed part of your trip knowing in advance your tourist package and in any case will return money to the customer. CubaHotelTravels.com will not be responsible for any activity or optional trip out of the original package once in Cuba.

Overbookings in hotels
Once you paid your tourist package, you will have your room safe in the hotel. In case of the hotel, owing to a bad management, can´t accept your reservation, CubaHotelTravels.com is responsible for changing you to another hotel with the same or higher category, without compensation of any type.

Special request
CubaHotelTravels.com will not be responsible for unsatisfied request like special foods, lingerie, higher floor, ocean view. The hotel could charge an extra amount of money for special services.

Arrivals and departures from the hotel

All the hotels have a check-in and a check-out time. Early Check-in and Late Check-out have an extra cost out of the price of the tourist package.

Handicapped customers
The handicapped travelers must show a medical authorization that authorizes the customer to travel. CubaHotelTravels.com will not be responsible for the provision of special services to people with physical and mental disability, if the hotel don´t accept previously. Many hotels don´t have conditions to attend to handicapped customers, therefore, your stay in the hotel is a risk you have to take.

Responsibilities of the travelers
The traveler promise to comply with the laws and regulations of Cuba.

Responsibilities of the Tour-Operator
CubaHotelTravels.com contacts the appropriate services with the hotels and other independent companies and it is not responsible for events or omissions in the name of the Tour Operator. No other company can change or cancel the contract once made your reservation.
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