Hotels in Guardalavaca

located in the province Holguín
Guardalavaca Beach, a beach considered one of the most emblematic beaches in the eastern part of Cuba, 72 km far from the Frank País International Airport. Near Guardalavaca Beach is located Bariay, the scene that amazed Cristóbal Colón when he discovered Cuba in 1492. According to the legend, Cristóbal Colón said: ¨This is the most beautiful soil seen by human eyes¨.

A very significant detail of the environment is the natural beach with 40 meters wide by 300 meters long, where there is a perfect combination of fine sand and sea, marked by closeness to the mountains and the green that characterizes the vegetation of the place.

Besides, in Guardalavaca we can find an unique Fauna and vegetation that displays the Cuban National Bird ¨Tocororo¨ and a great collection of birds like the woodpecker, parrots, macaw and many representatives of the Cuban Fauna like the hutia, the manatee and even wild horses.

Hotels in Guardalavaca

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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Club Amigo...

 Rooms from 35.00 USD ...located in Guardalavaca
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Hotel Club Amigo Atlantico Guardalavaca
Hotel Club Amigo Atlántico Guardalavaca, occupies a privileged position on the beach of Guardalavaca. It is an ideal complex for families, singles and couples alike. There are a variety of accommodations with "tropical" rooms in the main building or rooms in spacious villas in quieter locations. There... more information...
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Hotel 2 stars

Hotel Villa Don Lino

 Rooms from 40.00 USD ...located in Guardalavaca
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Hotel Villa Don Lino
Hotel Villa Don Lino, Holguin. Surrounded by a cozy atmosphere, the Hotel Villa Don Lino offers the visitor all the necessary conditions to enjoy a pleasant stay. It is located 57 km from Holguín International Airport and 30 km from Guardalavaca Beach. It has a beach 280 meters long and 50... more information...
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Hotel 4 stars

Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca

 Rooms from 53.00 USD ...located in Guardalavaca
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca
Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca, located on the beach of Guardalavaca and next to Bariay, a town that amazed Christopher Columbus when he discovered Cuba in 1492. The complex is located on a splendid white sand beach on a large well-kept lot. A very popular hotel for couples and families offering a wide range of restaurants,... more information...
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Hotel 4 stars

Hotel Memories Holguín

 Rooms from 57.00 USD ...located in Guardalavaca
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Hotel Memories Holguín
Hotel Memories Holguín, formerly Hotel RIU Playa Turquesa, Holguín, Cuba is an All Inclusive Hotel that is fully integrated with the natural environment that surrounds it. Its architecture and decoration recall a typical Spanish country house from the late 19th century, with the... more information...
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Hotel 4 stars

Hotel Sol Rio Luna y...

 Rooms from 67.00 USD ...located in Guardalavaca
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Hotel Sol Rio Luna y Mares Resort
Hotel Sol Río de Luna y Mares Resort, located in Playa Esmeralda, a beautiful white sand beach and surrounded by immense gardens in the exceptional natural surroundings of the Bahía de Naranjo Natural Park. The beauty and tranquility of a white sand beach surrounded by lush tropical... more information...
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Hotel 5 stars

Hotel Paradisus Rio de...

 Rooms from 106.00 USD ...located in Guardalavaca

Hotel Paradisus Rio de Oro
Paradisus Río de Oro Hotel, Guardalavaca. It is considered one of the best tourist centers in Cuba. A hotel with suite rooms, located in gardens, surrounded by four beautiful beaches. The hotel is especially recommended for honeymooners and couples. The Paradisus... more information...
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