Hotels in Moa

located in the province Holguín
Moa occupies a place in national history not only for its rich soil, flora and fauna, the beauty of its rivers or the impetuous industrial development, but also its history and by the effort of those who built it.

The word Moa has many meanings: A prehistoric bird, millstone. There are other places in the world so named. However, it is known that the Cuban natives called it like that. It is believed that in the Arawak language means "place of the waters." Many people believe that it means "desolate place" or "Place of the Dead"

This region was mentioned in the Columbus's diary, judging by its description in the logbook.

The two factories of nickel are the main economic wealth in the region with an important contribution to the PIB of Cuba being one of the first producers in the world. Its factories: Ernesto Che Guevara and Pedro Sotto Alba lead metal production.

At the beginning of the revolution this activity was sabotaged by the imperialism, but the work of the Cuban engineer Demetrio Presilla Lopez could stop the maneuvers and managed to run the nickel industry. Then, the Cuban government supported by the former socialist bloc carried out a gigantic investment plan to build a great industrial area.

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