Traveling to Cuba

It is very important that the visitors arriving in Cuba know about the current legislations, which include some customs and immigration laws. In the section "Traveling to Cuba" in our web, you will get all the necessary information, including directions and tips to facilitate all the procedures in the customs.

The tourists that travel to Cuba for business, they don´t need exactly a visa, but a tourist card with function of a visa. The tourist card can be obtained in the Cuban Embassy and in the Travel Agencies, at the moment you purchase your tourist package, or otherwise, when arriving in Cuba in the airport.

The steps to follow to solicit a visa are: fill out a form given by the Embassy, present your current passport, a photocopy of the reservation in the hotel or another official accomodation and a photocopy of the reservation of your airline ticket. This tourist visa expires in 30 days from the arrival date in Cuba. You can ask for an extension of the visa for 30 days more.

In case of visit to Cuban relatives, you have to ask for another kind of visa, which is issued only for direct relatives of Cuban citizens (parents, children, brothers and sisters or spouses). With this kind of visa you can stay in the house of your relatives in Cuba. To ask for this kind of visa you have to fill out a form and present the current passport.

The visa for foreign citizens with the intention of working in the country can be applied for people coming to Cuba to participate in events, business, crew members and passengers in transit. The foreign students taken in academies, investigations and trainings, journalists, correspondents, representatives of the press, radio, of the film world, television and other foreign medias accepted in the country to execute a journalistic function, people under treatment with intention to continue treatment in Cuban institutions with previous agreement with the Ministry of Public Health can apply for this kind of visa. For this kind of visa will be necessary previous negotiations with the business and economic offices of the Cuban Embassy.

When arriving in Cuba the tourists don´t need to fill out the customs declaration form. The Cuban laws prohibits the pornography, narcotics, explosives, firearms, apart from animals shooting authorized by the government once in Cuba.

The personal belongings are duty-free and it includes: cameras/video cameras, jewels, sports objects and fishing tackles, a cigarette carton, two bottles of spirits and up to 22 pounds (10 kg) of medicaments in its original container. You can also import goods with an amount of 250,00 American Dollars (USD) or less; 50,00 American Dollars (USD) free of charge and the rest (200,00 USD) with a 100% tax.

It is unlimited importing foreign cash to Cuba, but we exhort you to declare sums over 5000,00 American Dollars, because you need to present a customs declaration to re-export the same sum or even more.

In accordance with the law 6-2007 come into effect on June, 1st, 2007, it is admited only up to 50 Cuban Cigars to export from Cuba. You can export them in their original container, closed and sealed with the official hologram if the purchase exceeds 50 Habanos and also you will have to show the invoice of the purchase in a accredited establishment for that.

The exportation of works of art or antiques must be authorized by a permission of the National Office of Cultural Property, that belongs to the Patrimony Management of the Ministry of Culture.

The travelers from countries already declared by the World Health Organization as Infection Areas, or countries where Cholera and Yellow Fever are endemic, they will need to show the International Certificate of Vaccination.

It is restricted bringing products of animal or plant origins, and it is required special procedures to bring pets.

You can import vaccinated domestic animals (pets), but it is important to have the respective documentation. offers you more than 200 hotels in Cuba in more than 40 tourist destinations in the island. Our informations about the hotels, provinces and tourist destinations will help you to find the best options for you to choose how to make your own trip. What modes of vacations do your prefer?, de luxe, in couple, in family or even if you need a hotel for business, in our web you will find the best offers of hotels in Cuba.