Hotels in Viñales

located in the province Pinar del Rio
Viñales, located in the heart of the mountain range of Guaniguanico, is the most famous tourist destination in the province for its natural richness. The contrast in its relief with vast valleys and small mountainscalled mogotes reveals landscapes of great beauty combined with tobacco plantations, the fields and the farmhouses.

Viñales exhibits a positive and beneficial natural and cultural mixture, a essential condition to obtain the category of Natural Landscape of Humanity by UNESCO. The flora and fauna of the region are undoubtedly unique and remarkable for its exclusivity. In the Sierra de Viñales is located the Palmarito Cave System, which is the largest in Cuba today with 49 km in length. We can find there the great cavern of St. Thomas, with 45 km of underground galleries.

Other attractions in the area, apart the great valley, are: Cueva del Indio, The Valley of the Nightingale, Palenque de los Cimarrones, San Vicente Valley and the town of Viñales. The region is perfect for the development of nature tourism, ecotourism and adventure (hiking and caving) and mountaineering lovers can find their challenges there too.

The town of the same name, introduces itself as an attractive town with rooted musical traditions and development of the visual arts that are integrated into their sociocultural life.

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San Diego de los Baños is an small city that belongs to the municipality of Los Palacios in Pinar del Río province. The city is remarkable because of the medicinal qualities of the springs that rise there. It was in the past a popular tourist... offers you more than 200 hotels in Cuba in more than 40 tourist destinations in the island. Our informations about the hotels, provinces and tourist destinations will help you to find the best options for you to choose how to make your own trip. What modes of vacations do your prefer?, de luxe, in couple, in family or even if you need a hotel for business, in our web you will find the best offers of hotels in Cuba.