Hotels in Guanahacabibes

located in the province Pinar del Rio
Guanahacabibes located in the most western part of the island of Cuba, it belongs to the municipality called Sandino in Pinar del Río province. Guanahacabibes is a plain fairly damp, well located in an important way for the migratory intercontinental birds. There are also many endemic birds and mammals living in this beautiful place.

The main attraction for the visitors in the Guanahacabibes National Nature Reserve is the great variety of the endemic flora and fauna, with species like the Cuban zunzuncito or fly bird (the smallest bird on Earth), the ancient iguanas and four species of turtles that lay eggs in the beaches of the area on June.

In the area there are some hamlets or small towns like Cortés, Las Martinas and La Bajada and there are also important ways of communications until San Antonio Cape (right in the western side of the island), the place where is located the Roncali Lighthouse, the lighthouse that shows to the ships the positions to the north and the south of the island.

Hotels in Guanahacabibes

Hotel 3 stars

Villa Cabo San Antonio

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Hotel de Beach

Villa Cabo San Antonio
Hotel Villa Cabo San Antonio, is located in the northwest corner of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, a region that remains almost virgin and was given the category of Biosphere Reserve, approved by UNESCO since 1987. It is surrounded by a fascinating marine environment and abundant... more information...
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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Maria La Gorda

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Hotel de Beach and Nature

Hotel Maria La Gorda
The Maria La Gorda Hotel is located in a remote place in the westernmost part of Cuba, Pinar del Río province, it is located in one of the most virgin natural areas of the Cuban archipelago. It is small and familiar, located in front of a beach surrounded by a coconut grove. A natural... more information...
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San Diego de los Baños is an small city that belongs to the municipality of Los Palacios in Pinar del Río province. The city is remarkable because of the medicinal qualities of the springs that rise there. It was in the past a popular tourist... offers you more than 200 hotels in Cuba in more than 40 tourist destinations in the island. Our informations about the hotels, provinces and tourist destinations will help you to find the best options for you to choose how to make your own trip. What modes of vacations do your prefer?, de luxe, in couple, in family or even if you need a hotel for business, in our web you will find the best offers of hotels in Cuba.