Hotels in Santa Clara

located in the province Villa Clara
Santa Clara
Santa Clara, capital City of Villa Clara province. The territory of the province occupies almost the center of the Cuban archipelago. Linked to Havana City with the Central Highway, The central Railway, The National Highway and by air, at a distance of 260 km (by road), the city was founded in 1689, after moving from its original position the people who lived in the town of San Juan de los Remedios, due to pirate attacks.

Santa Clara shows a constructive heritage of great value, among the most revealing buildings of city we can find today La Caridad Theater, built by Marta Abreu de Estévez for the poor people in the city and in memory of her parents. The wealthy family Abreu also funded the construction of the first clinic and the first public school that existed in the city.

Also we can find in the modern part of the city the memorial in honor of Ernesto Che Guevara, the place that holds the remains of Che and his fallen comrades in Bolivia. The memorial stands as a mausoleum in honor to the great and crucial battle that took place on December 1958, during the national liberation struggle.

Another site you can not forget to visit in the city for its attractive cultural offerings, its Cuban flavor and its delicious coffee is the Cultural complex Mejunjunje.

Hotels in Santa Clara

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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Carrusel La...

 Rooms from 0.00 USD ...located in Santa Clara
Hotel de Nature

Hotel Carrusel La Granjita
The Hotel La Granjita, Santa Clara, Cuba. The hotel is near Santa clara city, just 15 minutes to the downtown, and it is an excellent place for familiar tourism, due to its warm environment and tranquility, surrounded by palm trees, fruit trees and coconut palms. more information...
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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Los Caneyes

 Rooms from 0.00 USD ...located in Santa Clara
Hotel de City

Hotel Los Caneyes
The Hotel Los Caneyes, Santa Clara, Cuba is located only 15 minutes from the downtown of Santa Clara city and 20 minutes from the International Airport. The hotel´s buildings imitate Cuban huts from time before the arrival of Christopher... more information...
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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel America Santa Clara

 Rooms from 0.00 USD ...located in Santa Clara
Hotel de City

Hotel America Santa Clara
The Hotel America, Santa Clara, Cuba was recently opened in downtown Santa Clara, the capital of the central province of Villa Clara in the center of Cuba. This place is ideal for travelers who enjoy visiting historical sites such as the... more information...
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Hotel 2 stars

Hotel Santa Clara Libre

 Rooms from 26.00 USD ...located in Santa Clara
Hotel de City and History

Hotel Santa Clara Libre
The Hotel Santa Clara Libre, Villa Clara, Cuba is located in the center of the city of Santa Clara, facing the Leoncio Vidal Park and flanked by La Caridad Theater, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the José Marti Library.... more information...
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