Hotels in Habana del este

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Habana del este
Habana del Este, municipality from Havana City, located in the north-eastern part of the city, has an area of 144,9 km2, which represents 20% of the total area of the province and it is also the biggest municipality in the city. Alamar is the main settlement in the municipality.

The municipality, close to Havana Bay, is the coast of Havana City and has the most famous beaches in the city: Guanabo, Santa María del Mar, Tarará and el Mégano, all the beaches with a white and fine strip of sands, with a changeable width, with transparent waters and the presence of dunes. In the beach, there are also many tourist facilities to develop the tourist activity, having into consideration the quantity of tourists who visit these beautiful beaches in a year.

Hotels in Habana del este

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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Bravo Club Arenal

 Rooms from 0.00 USD ...located in Habana del este
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Hotel Bravo Club Arenal
Hotel Bravo Club Arenal, Havana, Cuba, is located in Playas del Este on the beach of "Santa María del Mar" surrounded by the waters of the Itabo lagoon, which makes it look like a small key on the mainland. The hotel is composed of a set of three buildings, each of two floors, the Club Arenal is a... more information...
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Hotel 2 stars

Hotel Panamericano

 Rooms from 27.00 USD ...located in Habana del este
Hotel de City

Hotel Panamericano
The Hotel Panamericano is a holiday housing complex located in the eastern part of Havana, near the fishing village of Cojimar, the setting for Hemingway's novel "The Old Man and the Sea". The complex includes the hotel and many... more information...
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Hotel 2 stars

Hotel Villa Bacuranao

 Rooms from 31.00 USD ...located in Habana del este
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Hotel Villa Bacuranao
The Hotel Villa Bacuranao is only 15 miles from downtown Havana. It is the perfect place to enjoy and share in an informal atmosphere. You can rent a car in several places in Havana, such as: Hotel Chateau Miramar, Hotel... more information...
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Hotel 3 stars

Aparthotel Atlantico

 Rooms from 50.00 USD ...located in Habana del este
Hotel de Beach and All Inclusive

Aparthotel Atlantico
The Aparthotel Atlantico, Havana, Cuba is an All Inclusive Hotel, which has all the necessary amenities to enjoy with your family and friends in a different way. It is just a few meters from the beach of Santa Maria de Mar, about 20 minutes east of Havana. more information...
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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Club Amigo...

 Rooms from 69.00 USD ...located in Habana del este

Hotel Club Amigo Tropicoco
The Hotel Club Amigo Tropicoco is a modern hotel surrounded by gardens with a stunning interior. Very close to the sea, the property is surrounded by several nightclubs and restaurants and just 15 minutes from Havana City. The... more information...
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