Hotels in Bayamo

located in the province Granma
Bayamo, the capital of Granma province (a province in the Eastern part of Cuba in the South Coast that owes its name to the Yacht Granma), is located in the center of the territory. The city of Bayamo was the second town founded by Diego Velazquez in 1513 and has a brave history of clashes to the severity of the nature, to the attacks of corsairs and pirates and to the acts of injustice of Spain.

Bayamo was the hometown of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Perucho Figueredo (the writer of the national anthem) and many other notable patriots.

In 1868, the people who lived there prefered to burn the city and leave to the scrubland when they were threatened to occupy the city by the Spaniards. For all these heroic acts, Bayamo was declared National Monument by the government of Cuba.

One deeply rooted tradition in Bayamo is drawn by horses. The carriages are very popular in Bayamo. Many inhabitants and tourists take those carriages drawn by horses everyday, beacuse this is really a very important tradition in the city.

Hotels in Bayamo

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Hotel 2 stars

Hotel Villa Bayamo

 Rooms from 0.00 USD ...located in Bayamo
Hotel de City

Hotel Villa Bayamo
Villa Islazul Bayamo represents a good value for money for anyone exploring the east of Cuba and offers the opportunity to mingle with the local people, away from the main cities. Villa Bayamo is a budget hotel with limited facilities, although guests can enjoy the terrace and the... more information...
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Hotel 3 stars

Hotel Sierra Maestra

 Rooms from 27.00 USD ...located in Bayamo
Hotel de City and History

Hotel Sierra Maestra
The Hotel Sierra Maestra is situated in the heart of the city of Bayamo, declared National Monument by the Cuban government. Around rich historical and cultural traditions, this hotel is built with the finest taste of colonial... more information...
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Hotel 2 stars

Hotel Royalton

 Rooms from 35.00 USD ...located in Bayamo
Hotel de City

Hotel Royalton
The Hotel Royalton is ideal for exploring the monumental city of Cuba. The hotel offers good accommodation with a central location, comfortable rooms and good food. It maintains the great charms of the great Hotel Royalton, which from 1940 has been the... more information...
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